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It’s odd to do a ‘wrap up’ of your own presentation, but here it goes.

One of my new passions is ‘Visual Literacy’ so I offered to do an overview workshop on the topic. I had so much to cover and so little time — as it was I went into ‘overtime’ (thanks to those who were kind enough to stay to the bitter end! LOL). Note to self & others: 50 slides for 60 minutes is just WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too many! I was able to share a commonly agreed upon definition of ‘visual literacy’, address two of the skills (knowledge of visual conventions and visual reconstruction), briefly address the issue of copyright in the digital age and share some resources for copyright free images, and provide some ideas for image enhancement.

All the resources shared at the workshop (and many, many more) can be found by going to my Visual Literacy wiki. 

Visual Literacy with Laelia Laval


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  1. Ann Nicholson said:

    I thought this was an excellent experience. Instead of just a dry presentation with lots of slides, the presenter engaged the participants and there was a lively and thoughtful discussion.

  2. Frank in Mexico said:

    Hi .. I wish I hadn’t missed this workshop. Is the slide presentation also available on the Wiki or at SlideShare? Would love to take a look at it .. thanks!

  3. Nancy Sharoff said:

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the workshop and that you found the interaction engaging. In my real life presentations it’s the interactions with the audience that I love and I’m glad that I am able to do so in SL as well.
    Most of the content is available on the wiki, however, I do not have the slide presentation posted, nor will I. “Why?” you might ask? It’s really quite simple. I try to adhere to certain principles of presentation design (check out Reynolds’ ‘Presentation Zen’ for one) one of which states that if someone can glean the content of your presentation from your slides alone, then why are you there? So although you missed my ‘performance’, much of the content can be found on the wiki. And I promise to return for an ‘Encore’, perhaps in the fall. My wiki is a ‘work in progress’ so be sure to check it out every once in a while for updates……hmmmm…wonder if I should/can put an RSS feed link on it?

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