Gentle Reminder – January 21st

Come join us this Wednesday as Smellslike Magic (our RL Mike Bryant) will be presenting ‘Checking Your Digital Pulse’.  The first few days of a workout can be the hardest.  Many quit, because they’ve set unrealistic or poorly timed goals.  It’s much easier to reach a goal when you have support.  Join us today to learn about the technology support team available to you through our Discovery Educator Network and how to connect to experts in media, PowerPoint, digital storytelling, Google Earth… the list is continuously growing. 

As always, we’ll meet at the DEN in SL HQs at 5 p.m. SLT (7 p.m. CST, 8 p.m. EST).


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  1. darcy white said:

    Hey Nanc/Laela-

    my BF (RL) and i are getting married in vegas…just cuz~
    how about seeing what folks think about a bridal shower in SL.

    Could be a first for DEN- Anne and you could be my main women!!!

    RL Vegas wedding sometime in mid-march (like, the IDES)- no friends OR family…might be fun to meet everyone for a shower (minus my also geeky software-writing BF) for the ehck of it~

    just a thought. will ask Anne~

    (aka, Smokster Whitfield- we met at NECC, SAN ANT last summer)

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