Dr. Martin Luther King

A half-century ago, when African Americans were denied the right to vote, sat at the back of the bus, drank from “colored only” water fountains and sent their children to substandard, segregated schools, brave Americans dreamed of a better nation. They were beaten and water-hosed and thrown into jail. Many were killed. Today is a national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., and the eve of the swearing in of the first African American president.  Excitement is in the air.  Below are some great lessons and activities that are available:

  • The New York Times educational division publishes daily lesson plans that are archived.  They are well done, with many extentions and options so that teachers can fit them to their unique classroom needs.  Check out the bank of lesson ideas here
  • Did you know that Google image search now includes a collection of Life Magazine images?  Click here to see the collection of MLK images.   I was going to include one with this blog post, but the copyright license is for personal use only. 
  • Several major news web sites will offer live streaming video and audio of the inauguration ceremony:

C-SPAN main streaming page.

CBS News

CNN Live page.

Fox News

NBC News through MSNBC

New York Times will be streaming the inauguration live.

Image  by Peter Prehn, Creative Commons license. 


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