The First Digital President

Yesterday the world watched as our nation’s 44th President was sworn into duty!

On his way to the office, President Obama utilized a huge a variety of 21st century tools – including things like Twitter, blogs, Facebook, texting, and more – to mobilize his base and get his message out.Obama tops 1 million facebook supporters

During his campaign he stated, “I will recruit new teachers and make new investments in rural schools, we’ll connect all of America to 21st century technology and telecommunications.”

In fact, has billed President Obama as our nation’s first Digital President.

As an educator with access to Discovery Education streaming you can celebrate the fact that you already have access to a myriad of digital tools.  Discovery Education streaming is jam packed with editable videos, sound effects, songs, speeches and more.  For example you can type in the keywords “Video Yearbook” to find an extensive editable video almanac.  This video series is filled with primary source material going as far back as 1938!

Feeling a little overwhelmed?  Don’t worry the Discovery Educator Network  is here to help!  This community is chock full of educators who are passionate about sharing their ideas and resources with each other.  In fact, next month we’re getting together at the VSTE conference to explore different ways to tell a digital story – check it out – this pre-conference event is free to anyone who wants to attend!

If PowerPoint is more your speed – we’ve got you covered too.  Check out the Bird House page on to find step-by-step instructions on all things DE streaming.

So join our new digital administration and incorporate a 21 century tool in your lesson plan today!


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  1. J Hansen said:

    My class watched the inauguration and cheered along with the country. I think it is fantastic that we have a president that feels the pulse of technology in our students! What a way to get and keep them involved in the future of technology.

  2. T McCormack said:

    We also watched the inauguration. It was wonderful to bring this experience into the classroom for the students in realtime. Enhancing the inauguration through the resources available at DE really stimulated the students interest.

  3. Julie Getz said:

    Almost every child in my school watched the inauguration, however, a few parents wrote notes that their child was not allowed to watch the inauguration. What?

    I don’t care what political party you are–it’s still the President of the United States! Anyway, I agree that it’s fantastic that the president uses these tools. Adults that show kids that technology is important are helping to shape them for the future!

  4. aunttammie said:

    I’ve gotten so much from the Discovery Streaming videos, but I realize that there is much more to be found on the site. I look forward to exploring.

  5. Scott said:

    I used discovery streaming in my class several times. It was interesting to read how this was the first President to use Twitter. I think the younger people relate to him because of that.

  6. Kathleen Wojciechowski said:

    I frequently use Discovery Streaming videos to enhance instruction. Unfortunately, we were prohibited from showing the inauguration in school. I think it is great that we have a digital president who understands the importance of preparing students for a digital world.

  7. Brad Steigerwalt said:

    Now that we have had our “first” President to use all these tools, I wonder how our next election will look. These communication tools seem to offer political candidates a larger audience at a significantly lower price tag than TV commercial spots. I’m not saying that we will see less TV air-time, but rather that I think that we can expect to see future politicians use any technology they can to gather as large an audience as they can.

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