It's a Wrap – Checking Your Digital Pulse



It keeps getting bigger and better (hence the larger 2nd image!).  Smellslike Magic (Mike Bryant – RL) started us off with the first of a three part series on ‘Getting Digitally Fit’.  2009 has just begun, we all set New Year’s resolutions, yet we tend to break them.  The DEN wants to help support you throughout the year so that you stay focused on your resolutions.

DEN ‘Get Fit’ program begins with ‘Checking Your Digital Pulse’ in which you review all the options that are available to you.  Did you know that the Discovery Education Network has a newly re-designed homepage that puts more resources literally at your ‘mouse click’?  Looking for an upcoming webinar?  No problem!  Right there on the homepage are the next three webinars.  The latest chats on the forums are also just a ‘mouse click’ away right there on the homepage.  But that’s not all!  Support is EVERYWHERE at the DEN!  Not only do you have fellow STAR Educators that you can reach out to (did you know that the DEN has OVER 4,000 STARs???), but most states have Leadership Councils (and if your state doesn’t think about starting one), and then we can’t leave out those wonderful, those unforgetable, those (drumroll please) DEN Managers! 

Next up in the ‘Getting Digitally Fit’ series is ‘Muscle Up with Media’ to help you stay on track.  The final part of the series will be ‘Weigh In and Share’ where you will have the opportunity to share what you’ve learned, what you’ve accomplished, and examples of what you’ve done.

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and start those warm-ups! LOL

Thank you again Smellslike Magic for taking the jump inworld to present.  I hope you’ll spread the word that presenting inworld is not difficult and that the DEN in SL Leadership Council is there to help you every step of the way. 

And now a word from our sponsors:  If you’ve presented in real life, then we want you!  Please consider sharing inworld.  It’s A LOT easier than you think and VERY gratifying.  If you haven’t presented in real life, but have an idea for a presentation, then we’re the venue for you!  And remember, a presentation in Second Life counts towards your events to maintain your STAR Educator status.


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