The 2009 ICE Conference Sessions are Posted!

Take a look at all of the great session possibilities at this year’s 2009 ICE conference.

There are lots of DEN members presenting again this year so check them out and support your fellow DEN members! If you are presenting yourself, please feel free to comment here so we can highlight your sessions over the next few weeks.


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One Comment;

  1. Anne Truger said:

    I will be presenting several times at ICE and hope to see many of my fellow DENizens there for support!

    Clay Animation Workshop(Tues and Wed)

    Combining UDL and Tech to reach all learners (Thur and Fri)

    Dynamic World of Google (Thur and Fri)

    Will be a busy conference for me, but not too busy to catch up with my DEN buddies!

    ~Anne T

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