School of Rock

Know a NJ Teacher Who Rocks?  

Garden State Teacher Awards Program

Who is eligible?

Nominated teachers must be full-time classroom teachers  schoool of rock by a public or non-public school in New Jersey. For the 2008-2009 school year, teachers must spend the majority of their assignment time teaching students in grades Pre-K to 3rd grade, 4th to 8th grade, or 9th through 12th grade. Nominate a teacher

Teachers may be nominated between November 10, 2008 and February 20, 2009. Anyone may nominate a teacher but teachers may not nominate himself or herself. The Greater media New Jersey “Teachers Committee” will select 72 teachers from the final nominations. Nomination forms are available online at Greater Media radio stations: WDHA []; WMTR []; WMGQ []; WRAT []; WJRZ [].

Winners will be honored at an awards banquet, receive special gifts, and will become lifetime members of the program.

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