DEN National Institute: Vote Now!

After tons of suggestions and much deliberation we have narrowed the location of this year’s DEN National Institute down to five possibilities.

  • Cruise (San Diego to Mexico)
  • Boston, MA
  • Monterey, CA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Washington, D.C.

Please take some time and vote for your favorite.  The deadline to cast your vote is Friday, February 6, 2009.


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Thanks for the opportunity to vote on the location of our DEN LC Institute. They are always great wherever they are located!

  2. Nancy Sharoff said:

    Decisions, decisions, decisions! The choices are all sooooo tempting. One thing is certain, regardless of where it is, I know it will be F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S!!! Hmmmmmm Cruise vs. Vegas vs. Cruise vs. Vegas vs. Cruise vs. Vegas……arrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh! LOL

  3. Fred Delventhal said:

    Just wondering – If Riptide attends the LC Institute in Silver Spring does that mean that I can attend the National Institute?

  4. Nancy Sharoff said:

    I think Riptide should attend the LC and then Fred should attend the National….works for me! LOL Hmmmm, did anyone else notice yet that its’t he SL LC that have the most comments on this post! LOL Come on Lor, Cel, & Beth…let YOUR voices be heard!

  5. Rachel Yurk said:

    Sorry to break the SL spirit. If I have multiple personalities can I do what Rip/Fred is???? I vote for a cruise that begins and ends in Vegas!!!!!!

  6. Sarah Johangiry said:

    Woohoo! It will be awesome no matter what! The DEN rocks!

  7. Rita A. Mortenson said:

    It would be so much fun to go to any of those sites with the DEN folks. 🙂

  8. Teryl Magee said:

    Decisions, decisions. We had SOOO much fun on our last excursion, but Vegas would be good, too! Either of those. And I third what Rip/Fred says. Can we go to both??? Different learning experiences, right? 🙂

  9. Melissa McBride said:

    I’m with Teryl… what to choose, what to choose!

  10. Lori A said:

    I hope I can go to one at least. But the other choices sound interesting too. And more important where will the SL LC retreat be!!

  11. Jeff Gentner said:

    Thanks for the opportunity to VOTE on where the DEN Institute will be this summer. But, for the summertime – you cannot beat BOSTON! It’s got it all!

  12. Elaine Plybon said:

    I agree with Nancy/Lae – Vegas … Cruise … Vegas … Cruise. I won’t get to go to the LC Symposium (I don’t think) so I don’t have to play the Celestia/Elaine ticket! LOL

  13. Conni Mulligan said:

    I am in agreement with all of the above. So many great decisions that involve great options. As I missed the cruise and have never been on one, that would be great. (Although, Vegas sounds wonderful as well.) As far as funding is concerned, the others would be financially easier.

  14. anna heffernan said:

    Any of the sites would be fantastic. I have heard really wonderful things about Monterey. Monterey gets my vote.

  15. Andy Losik said:

    Oh, Mexico
    It sounds so simple I just got to go
    The sun’s so hot I forgot to go home
    Guess I’ll have to go now.

    Cruise gets my vote!

  16. Katie Warren said:

    Okay, I’ll make two choices, too!
    I go with Cruise and Monterrey. I’ll be in MD for sure already so would like a west cost to save another air fare!

  17. Ann Jablonski said:

    I’ve gotta go with the cruise. There’s is nothing else like it when your on the ship with your friends from the DEN!

  18. Susan said:

    I guess since I have been to all of the other locations except for Monterey, then that one would get my vote. Most recent one was Cabo/San Diego cruise with family for son’s college graduation~ if only I had known! Really though, anywhere, anytime, anyden!

  19. Kelli said:

    Cruise definitely! The sun, the water, the fun and the DEN…great combo.

  20. A. Mercer said:

    First choice is D.C., the second is Monterey. Not to be ungrateful, there is no appeal in going to Vegas in the summer, I can do triple digits staying home.

  21. A. Mercer said:

    I’m hearing the NC won’t be near the time of NECC, so I change my vote to Monterey because it’s really nice and cool there.

  22. Howard Martin said:

    Great choices! Thinking there would be many media-gathering opportunities in Vegas with few online interruptions. Would have to buck the trend and go Vegas 1 and Cruise 2.

    Will humbly echo previous comments though, just getting to work with the network and learn from everyone would make almost any place great. Thanks!

  23. Meredith Wilkerson said:

    All are great choices. However, the D.C. area is always a great choice.

  24. Sally Shumard said:

    Please hold the conference in Washington D.C. We have so many Discovery Education users in Virginia, I think you’d have a large group wishing to attend if it’s that close to home.

    By the way, I’m the Director of Instructional Technology in my school division and our teachers and students love Discovery Education!

  25. Tom McGee said:

    A Cruise would be sweet. Vegas would be just as good. NECC is in DC this year so that might take away a little bit. Either way, I hear it will be awesome!

  26. Jeff Gentner said:

    Let’s get going on this! It is a month since the voting due date and still no plans? My District will be out of grant money to send me if you wait much longer. I am new at Streaming and all that Discovery has to offer and I would like to make plans to attend….but when and where?

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