FETC 2009

fetc09.jpg     It may be a bit more time before all my impressions play themselves out in this blog but here are a couple of things that have stayed in the fore since I got home and got some rest.
Apple and Full Sail University had a digital storytelling reception where current Full Sail students had stations set up to walk attendees through the process. There were pre-production, writing, filming, and editing tables where attendees could build their own stories. Great stuff from a great program! I look forward to spending a few days there this summer during our Apple Institute. And they even highly recommended our buddy, Jason Ohler’s book on their handout of resources. But the highlight of the program for me was meeting a precocious 10 year old filmmaker. I’ll have more on Sam and his ideas about education after we’ve traded a couple of emails

jitterlogo.jpg      Hall was a man of many presentations at FETC and many late nights getting them just right. His closing keynote was a riot as he showed what FETC 2012 would look like. From bandwidth the size of a municipal storm drain to video enhanced name badges and Twitter renamed “Jitter” because you now only have 6 characters to get your message across, he managed to be both hilarious and thought provoking.

And for those attendees in my FETC Makin’ Movies presentation (and anyone else who’s interested) here are the links to my resources:
Search “AFI” on DiscoveryEducationstreaming.com for the full set of Sean Astin narrated videos
The American Film Institute ScreenEd Program resources: afi.edu and screennation.afi.com
Marco Torres and students – www.sfett.com
Frank Guttler’s blog – LightsCameraLearn.com
Student videos and competitions for better living – GreatMindsFoundation.org
fjlat1.jpgGreat digital storyteller and teacher – JasonOhler.com
Our Chicagoland TV educators and their students’ work – ctectv.org

BTW, exactly a year ago my grandson was kind enough to make his entrance right between FETC ’08 and my return trip to Florida to keynote tech day for Brevard county. Happy birthday, Frankie!


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  1. Andy Losik said:

    Thanks for the tip about “Lights, Camera, Education” videos on Discovery Streaming.

    Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Ha! Some of us older folk might be chanting Goonies! Goonies! Goonies! But I’m not so sure Sean would want to hear that.

  3. Vinny said:

    The class was great and I’m having a blast. Someone at FETC had included “talking heads” in a presentation. I want to include that in my current movie project. Do you happen to know the website that makes the mouths on photos move?

  4. Joe Brennan said:

    Try Blabberize. Also, stop by the DEN in SecondLife on Monday:
    Please join us THIS MONDAY, MARCH 23rd as Apophene Singh ( Hall
    Davidson in Real Life) presents, “Web 2.0 and the Digital Storytelling
    Transformation–Or, Waiter,There’s an Avatar in My Loupe”. As Apophene
    puts it, “Web 2.0 sites, webcams, and media libraries mean you can
    make and remix meaningful media for the classroom. Avatars wink, Mt.
    Rushmore speaks, markers circle, long videos shrink. Add captioning,
    chromakey, and more to help curriculum stick for the media-minded
    students you teach. A fast paced tool tour!

    Time 5 p.m. SLT ( 7 p.m. CST, 8 p.m. EST)

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