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    • The web developer add-on is very useful. – post by rsturk
    • I have to say this is really cool being able to make remarks and read the responses of other Diigo viwers.

      As far as add-ons that are great. I have found that Advanced Forecast fox is really handy, as is FireFTP and the gmail reader. I can do stuff and not have to keep going back to read my email then. It just notifies me, and that is something I really like. – post by nosaint

    • Favorite addons are All-in-One Sidebar, TabMixPlus and AdBlock Plus! – post by spazlon
    • IE tab is a must. – post by mangofox
    • I <33 Mozilla Add-ons as well. – post by aries201
    • Les recomiendo extensiones como:
      Diigo (obvio)
      IE Tab
      Download Status Bar

      Saludos – post by memoz0009

    • diiggo is badass – post by kosmos2k
    • I love the new design… and the addons of course… they make life on internet much more easier… 😀 – post by sweetyarcher
    • the search function has definitely improved, but is still lacking a bit of accuracy. i guess that has to do with the volume of extensions and themes available – post by ultrasur1
    • GO DIIGO – post by makstak
    • I wish they would stop redesign this damn site. I get confused everytime I come here! – post by corvida
    • firefox????????????????????????firefox3???????????? – post by pangoo
    • Ok!! Diigo Rocks!! I wish the recommendations were a little more personal. Why does one Add-On get a recommendation and another doesn’t? – post by jesdenm
    • hi all how are u? – post by zsq110
    • New design is very good. Needs to show compatible version range and somehow allow downloads of incompatible versions without switching the user agent or, as Jason mentioned, using IE to get Firefox add-ons. – post by oneeye
    • I love the new design very nice! – post by mostwanted
    • Yeah, the new design is great but I’d like to be able to download older extensions regardless of whether or not they’re compatible. I typically just edit the .xpi and change the compatibility version anyways. Now I have to visit the site in IE to download an older extension. (How ironic is that?) – post by jheydasch
    • Firefox Add-ons

      Add-ons extend Firefox, letting you personalize your browsing experience. Take a look around and make Firefox your own.

      • Note to Mozilla: these add-ons make it IMPOSSIBLE to switch to Chrome. Good work. Make the platform a little faster and you’ll bury Google. – post by marlowk
      • Firefox FTW! – post by heretic
      • I just love the versitality of Firefox. And my favorite plugin is Scribefire, adblock+ and Downthemall – post by cityrat59
      • Get AdBlock Plus. Seriously. It has changed my life. – post by chrischampion
      • Adding search engines is a bit confusing now. But new things usually confuse me. – post by figerrific
      • i wish version #, latest revision date, and FF version compatability info were all right by the download button. this is essential information! – post by amortal
      • I like the new layout for accessibility and…cleanliness, but it has necessitated resetting all my GM scripts. – post by the7777777
      • I too miss the ability to sort by lates and to see last update date. – post by gcorbin_51
      • Now I can easy see which ad-ons match to my FF3b4. – post by zbikos
      • ?? ??????? ?????????? ?? – post by nathanwong
      • Love firefox, love the add-ons, love the new design, but we need a ‘latest’ button, or am I missing something? if so, we need a ‘latest’ button more visible – post by mszollosy
      • Yeah it is soo awesome I loveeee Diigo and all the firefox plugins – post by aries201
      • For a web developer, the “Web Developer” and “Firebug” Add-ons are required. – post by pabranch
      • Diigo is coool! – post by elogic3
      • So what add-ons have you guys and gals found helpful? – post by lettucethink
      • What they /\ said 🙂 – post by mrhtown
      • i love diigo <3 – post by ayoomah
      • Wow cool! – post by thorie79
      • I totally agree hannibalcat; if they could mention Flock compatibilty, it would be easier for us Flock users. But until then, the process will be hard! – post by silentmagician94
      • Wish they would also mention Flock compatibility a little more. – post by hannibalcat
      • They need to allow extension creators to easily add links to there site in one place on the addons page – post by prattmic
      • Love it too, does the job and great addons!

        G-d bless,
        sc – post by sc4s2cg

      • it’s nice imo, does the job – post by keynell
      • The new design is not as good as previous one to me.
        – post by firehox
      • Yeah, I like this new layout and designs. :-0 – post by mike143
  • tags: edtech, smartboard

  • tags: edtech, smartboard

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