ICE Conference "Personal Learning Network" Plaza…

One of the new activity areas at the conference is the PLN Plaza, a place to expand your own personal learning network. Scott Meech is one of the organizers of this space and he has shared the following description:

Are you a blogger? Do you use Twitter, Plurk, Ning, Facebook, MySpace, Listservs, or any other of the many social networking resources that are available to teachers and students today?

Even if you are not actively using these resources and are just curious to learn more about them, please plan to stop by the new “Personal Learning Network Plaza”. Take a seat and open up a dialogue with your fellow ICE members. You will have a chance to learn more about “social networking” and meet others who are as passionate about education as you are.

The PLN Plaza is a great opportunity to meet people in person, face-to-face. For many, the best part of a conference is the opportunity for conversations that go beyond the sessions. It is always fun to meet people you have never spoken to in person before but with whom you have interacted online. Perhaps you will meet someone who is already in your network. You might even meet someone who can become a part of your existing or new network.

Just as we are looking for ICE members to visit the new PLN Plaza at the conference, we are also seeking people who blog to commit to a 10 minute “meet and greet” session and talk about their blogs and their blogging experience. There will be two Promethean Boards on display Wednesday evening and all day during the conference on Thursday and Friday. The boards will display Twitter accounts,, and Plurk. Additionally, our bloggers will have their blogs on display during their “meet and greet” sessions. Look for more information on the ICE web site in the weeks ahead.

Regardless of your motivation, the new “Personal Learning Network Plaza” is a great place for open discussion and to interact with many other ICE members!


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