Gina's Tech Finds

 This post is written by guest blogger Gina Loveless, MI Leadership Events Team Leader

OK—so February is proving to be quite a month already and we are only at Day 3!  Groundhog Phil saw his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter!  I need those 6 weeks to keep exploring all these great tech finds!  Bring on the snow and give me some snow days!  I want time to check out Skype 4 for Windows.  Yes, Skype has released a new version that includes an updated interface, a new bandwidth manager to keep the Tech. Department off your back (up to 50% less they say), and full screen face to face video.

And if that’s not enough to keep me busy on those snow days,  Google Earth 5 is sounding like a dream come true.  It may even be touted as the “Educators release”.  They’ve added a feature called Google Ocean which allows users to interact with a 3-D version of the ocean floor. Google apparently has partnered with National Geographic (again), BBC, and Cousteu’s Ocean World to help provide a wealth of information to support the maps.  Science and Social Studies teachers should have a ball with this latest release.

On the video front, I also recently ran across a must-see on You Tube. (No groaning if you’re still at school.)  It’s a talk by Larry Lessig about Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy.  It was hosted at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA on December 16, 2008. I ran across it by accident and before I knew it, I was engulfed.  It’s a good 55 minute talk followed by 30 minutes of Q & A. He compares copyright to prohibition in a beautifully orchestrated speech.  No death by PowerPoint here!


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