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Note: This repost includes a code fix in the documents below.  Something in the blog authoring system corrupted it on the original post.  Sorry about that!

This week Google Earth introduced it’s latest update des.jpg(version 5 in most operating systems).  Some neat things: You can now record tours, say of state capitals, you can fly under the oceans and, for example, see the Davidson Seamount (no relation), explore older images of earth with the Historical Imagery button, and still embed video, from, say, DiscoveryEducationstreaming. More on that at the end of this post.  But this blog is for fabulous elementary teacher Brad Upshaw (see pic of him getting to the bottom of his district’s payroll problems).  He is a great brad-payroll.jpgvideomaker, in fact leads workshops on it for the DEN.  But his district moved up the deadline for the video festival this year.  He wanted to shoot his 4th graders at various spots in the yard.  So for Brad, this post.  Brad–do it in Google Earth.  You can have Placemarks throughout the yard (or the world) with videos of your students giving rules, facts, narratives, etc.  When the yard.jpgPlacemark is clicked, there they are.  It takes minutes.  You do it the same way you insert DiscoveryEducationstreaming video clips.  Here’s how.  1) Download Jing from (free)  2) Download the VideoTemplate kmz file here (Windows or Mac version).  3) Create a folder called Converted Video in the Local Disc C drive (PC) or inside the Macintosh HD.  It can’t be buried in another folder.  Download the new version of GoogleEarth if you’d like, too.  Version doesn’t matter. Brad uses a Mac, so he has a camera and mike built in.  If you have a PC, get a webcam. I use a Logitech unit. Next A. Open your webcam (or PhotoBooth). B. Launch Jing. Dinsert1.jpgraw a rectangle and record the area shown in the webcam video window (Jing lets you create whatever space you need). C. Recordescrbox.jpgd your students. Have them stand in front of the camera. They can be in character, costume, holding props, etc. D. When done, save the Jing recording as mediamatters in the Converted Video folder.  It nicely makes a flash video file (swf). Launch Google Earth by clicking on the VideoTemplate kmz file you already downloaded.  The VideoTemplate will be in Temporary Files on the left at the bottom. When you click on the VideoTemplate icon, your video will be inside.  Almost like magic. Note:  I did this live at the Florida technology conference (FETC) and it was so easy people thought it was a setup.  It’s not!  It is that easy!  Do it three times, bumps and all, and you will master it. Next, for more videos, create and rename a bunch of new Video Template kmz files–one for each video or student you want to place on the earth.   You can right click (control click Mac) on files in Google Earth to your heart’s content (they’re in the Places column on the left).  Just keep changing the name of the video file saved.  Then use the same name in the Placemark box.  Right click on the file name, get Properties (Get Info on a Mac) and change only the file name (see below in bold).  While you’re in there, click on the upper face image and change the icon from my face (you don’t want that).  You can use a standard icon, like the push pin, or a Custom Icon of your school mascot, etc.  The code you paste into the description box (after right clicking to get Properties) is here as a Word doc, or below if you need it.  But it’s already there in the kmz template you downloaded.  OK, Brad, try it.  Leave me a comment or email me if it doesn’t work.  Video on demand!  And once you’ve done that, think about using videos from DiscoveryEducationstreaming in that box.  Use flash, paste the title, and you’ve got it.  Very nifty!  More details here.

Code to paste is here in a Word Doc. More in Handouts here.  The actual code is below.  The file names are in colors.  There is a slight difference between Macs and PCs. Remember to create that Converted Video folder just inside your computer (capitals, space between the words Converted and Video.

Before the interminable code below, some cool links featuring the new GoogleEarth, courtesy of Mr. Dembo. FirstSecond. Third. And a cool kmz file on the inauguration I found.

Code from the VideoTemplate – Paste in Placemark Description box.  Replace the title in blue with the name you saved your Jing video
The Fix!Use link here for both Mac and PC  Word Doc  or .txt file.
Cut and paste the codes from there.  WordPress is somehow corrupting the code below, I think with quotation mark replacement.

<object classid=”clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000″
width=”637″ height=”421″ id=”game” align=””>
<param name=movie value=”file:///C:\Converted Video\mediamatters.swf”>
<param name=quality value=high
<param name=bgcolor value=#FFFFFF>
<embed src=”file:///C:\Converted Video\mediamatters.swf ” quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF width=”637″ height=”421″ align=””
type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=””>

The Fix!Use link here for both Mac and PC  Word Doc  or .txt file.
Cut and paste the codes from there.  WordPress is somehow corrupting the code below, I think with quotation mark replacement.
<object classid=”clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000″
=6,0,0,0″width=”637″ height=”421″ id=”game” align=””>
<param name=movie value=”/Converted Video/ERDI.swf”><param name=quality value=high>

<param name=bgcolor value=#FFFFFF>

<embed src=”/Converted Video/ERDI.swf” quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF
width=”637″ height=”421″ align=””
type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=”



This was a long post.  Why don’t I just the dang book, like Liz Kolb did for cellphones..


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  1. Tracie Hightower said:

    Great tip for the use of Google Earth. I just used the tool to create a virtual field trip and recreated the slave trade route. I was so amazed at what I could do with the technology. It sounds as though they are improving it every day. I will try your new method. Thanks.

  2. Gina R said:

    Students seem to be more involved…and learn more…when they see themselves on the big screen. Love this idea!

  3. Glen said:

    I love the idea, but I can’t get it to work on the MAC side. Any thoughts?

  4. katheryne monge said:

    It’s Mr.Upshaw! He was my third grade teacher, and my favorite teacher ever! He was a huge inspiration to my wanting to become a teacher myself. I’ll never forget what a wonderful year my third grade was.

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