Sweet Stories from Hershey

We are in Hershey, PA, for the DEN pre-conference at PETE&C and we are having a TERRIFIC day chock full of tips and tricks for digital storytelling.

The day was kicked off with an inspiring keynote, Beyond Essays: Digital Stories, New Media Narrative and the Emerging Nature of Literacy, featuring Jason Ohler, digital storytelling extraordinaireYou can click here to read the live blog from the keynote.

Jason Ohler’s DEN Pre-Conference Keynote at PETE&C

The break-out sessions that followed Jason’s keynote allowed participants to differentiate their learning and jump into the storytelling process through various entry points.

[Note: This blog post will be updated with the URL addresses for the resources for the break-out sessions.]

As you can tell by the session titles, digital storytelling was the topic for the day and it was truly motivating.

The only thing that put a damper on our DEN fun was the conspicuous absence of the heart of the PA DEN, the Rougeuxs – Lance and Martha. Lance and Martha have been fixtures at PETE&C for as long as I can remember.  Lance is the Director of the Discovery Educator Network the the driving force behind the DEN pre-conference and Martha is a teacher in Harrisburg and a member of the Pennsylvania Leadership Council.  Unfortunately, Martha had a medical scare last week and has been in the hospital.  She is doing much better and is in good spirits, but is really upset to miss seeing everyone in Hershey.  Lance is also bummed to miss one of his favorite conferences (okay, I can totally say that because Lance IS from PA – no offense to all the other states . . .)

Martha Rougeux

I think it would be wonderful for everyone to leave some words of support and encouragement for Lance and Martha.  Keep in mind that although he was not here with us today, Lance did a lot of work coordinating the pre-conference and lining up all the presentations and speakers.  Let him know what you learned today.

Thanks for joining us in person as well as online.


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    And in the words of the great one*, “Mmmm, and how sweet it is!” What a treat it’s been hanging with the PA DEN, the usual Discovery subjects, and Jason. I wish I could have stayed longer. I’m a little worried about all those pictures of me in a Steelers/Mendenhall jersey but hope they bring a bit of a smile to Lance and Martha’s faces. Here’s hoping for better, healthier days out there at chez Rougeux on Mendenhall Lane.

    *For those of you who never saw the Beatles perform live: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_Gleason

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