Want to go on a Discovery Student Adventure?!?!

Australia, South Africa, and China + 9 DEN STARs + 36 DEN STAR Students + Your Dream Come True = A Discovery Student Adventure!

It’s the ultimate equation for DEN STARs and definitely our dream come true for you!  We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Discovery Student Adventure Program.

What’s a Discovery Student Adventure you ask?!?  Well, imagine being able to sign up and take your students to one of 8 amazing trips to the Arctic, Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador/Galapagos Islands, Italy/Greece, New Zealand/Fiji, and South Africa.  These trips are free to the educators and are of cost to their students.  These inaugural trips will launch during the summer of 2010.

But that’s 2010… what about 2009?!?!  Can I get a virtual drum roll please….

Let me introduce to you the opportunity of a lifetime….. The Discovery Student Adventure Pilot Program. In order to gather marketing materials and test run the incredible itineraries….. Discovery will be sending 9 DEN STARs to one of 3 locations (Australia, China, and South Africa)  But that’s not all… it gets better… each of these DEN STARs will be able to bring 4 of their students at NO COST!  That’s right DEN STARs… these trips are free for you and your students! (Note: We are looking for 5th-12th grade teachers and students ages 10-17)

I have seen the itineraries…. and all I can say is be prepared to be blown away.

What do you need to do to participate?!? Stay tuned as we will be posting a link to the application on the DEN National Blog in the coming weeks.

Here’s some of the official wording…

In 2010, Discovery Education will launch Discovery Student Adventures, education-based international trips for students to eight destinations including:  Arctic, Australia, China, Cost Rica, Ecuador/Galapagos Islands, Italy/Greece, New Zealand/Fiji Islands, and South Africa. 

To effectively integrate educator feedback into these inaugural trips, a select group of educators will have the opportunity to travel with Discovery in the summer of 2009 as part of a one-time special opportunity to pilot a Discovery Student Adventure trip.

Educators will serve as chaperones to a group of students, and will also be an integral part of selecting the students for these pilot trips. Travel program will be at no cost to the selected educators and students.  We are looking for students ages 10 through 17 and educators that teach 5th through 12th grade.

The three pilot trip destinations are Australia, China and South Africa.  Trips will provide for a variety of enriching and experiential activities from cultural exchanges, to community service, to science and exploration, to physically engaging adventure activities.

So what do you think?!?  Do you want to join us for a Discovery Student Adventure?!?


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  1. Tracy Standhart said:

    What a fantastic opportunity!!!! Can’t wait for more details. Discovery does it up right!

  2. Jason Cochrane said:

    Of course I want to be a part of the adventure. I can’t wait to get the information to sign up!!!!!

  3. Tonya - New Jersey LC said:

    Oh, my goodness. This sounds as Tony the Tiger would say, “G-R-E-A-T!!!”

  4. Roberta said:

    This is beyond amazing. Can’t wait to sign-up for a chance. You guys are great!!!

  5. Lor, DEN SL LC said:

    What a fabulous opportunity for some educators and students.

  6. Maryann Molishus said:

    Wish I could participate, but I am just a lowly second grade teacher 🙁 However, traveling through a foreign country with 7-8 year olds does sound a bit scary!! Can’t wait to hear about this project and how it works out for those who go. How exciting!!

  7. Carolyn Griglione said:

    What a great opportunity. This is a perfect fit for our 8th grade World Geography curriculum. My 8th grade teachers will die to be a part of this. This is way better than the Dream Home contest! Williamsburg Middle School, Arlington, VA

  8. Janet Hallstrom said:

    Leave it to Discovery to create the all-time greatest opportunity for teachers and students ever! Kudos to a wonderful group of full support of education business partners!!!

  9. Carol Anne McGuire said:

    Whoo hoo! What an amazing opportunity! Discovery sure has a way of Rocking Our World! I can’t wait to find out more! I’m going to skip to work now!

  10. Kirsten Innes said:

    Wowee!! What an opportunity!! But, alas, I only have pre-K through 4th grade students!

  11. Martha Thornburgh said:

    Wow! I would love this opportunity for some of my students and myself. How exciting!!!!

  12. Heather Blanton said:

    OH MY! This is a fantastic opportunity! Where do we sign up? 🙂

  13. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Way to go Discovery! This definitely add another dimension to your name! I would love to be able to go on this amazing adventure with my students!

    Thanks for providing this great opportunity!!!!!

  14. Evelyn McFadden said:

    Wow!!! What a great adventure!!! I also want details.

  15. Rebecca Mullan said:

    Thanks for the update! I can’t wait to get the details.

  16. Dean Mantz said:

    OK, Discovery has just taken over the #1 spot on the all time education hit list! Discovery Education has set the bar for everyone now. I am marking the days until 2010.

  17. Kendra Harper said:

    WOW!!! Discovery always comes up with the bestng ways to educate teachers, let alone directly affect students this time. What an incredible opportunity this will be for all involved! Looking forward to seeing more information on this experience of a lifetime 🙂

  18. Charlene said:

    If only my students were not adults…. I would SO be there!

  19. stacy kasse said:

    This is so great. I was just talking to a teacher in Australia this morning telling him he had to become a DEN member. So, now…maybe I could tell him in person!!!

  20. Susan Tompkins said:

    I am game for Math across the Hemisphere! Unbelievable experience courtesy of our Dynamic DEN! Can’t wait to see which DEN Managers will be going, all of them by chance?

  21. Rita A. Mortenson said:

    Incredible…..I can’t wait to hear more details. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the DEN. What a wonderful opportunity.


  22. Laura McDermott said:

    To be able to provide such an enriching opportunity to students is beyond my wildest dreams! This could be a chance of a life time for these students, and could well change the course of their life work!

  23. Eric Strommer said:

    WOWWWWWW! Where do I sign up?
    What an amazing opportunity for students. Imagine a student who rarely gets out of their inner city neighborhood is transported to one of these locations. Talk about life changing!

  24. Mimi Herald said:

    Imagine ACTUALLY being there and sharing the adventure of discovery with students! I, too, am looking forward to more details and keeping my fingers crossed.

  25. darcy said:

    I will postpone my honeymoon (and he’s ok with it!!!) for this opportunity!

    i’d miss my dogs, but BOYOHBOY! what a chance of a lifetime…

    it IS amazing news!

    yippie, yahoo!

  26. Bridget Belardi said:

    A huge thank you to the Discovery team who continues to make the world flatter for our students. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!

  27. Tracie Belt said:

    Discovery never ceases to amaze me. THey are creative, generous, fun and make everyone want to achieve more! Add students to that equation and you have a winning combination. This latest venture should help students and teachers expand their hoirzions and Discover what a being there experience really means. I think this proves your dedication to education.

  28. Kelli Erwin said:

    Way to go Discovery! What a fantastic opportunity for educators and their students. Watching Discovery Education and the DEN grow with opportunities for educators has been a great experience. It is nice that we are now able to branch out and include the students.

  29. Mary Del Bianco said:

    WOW! An ART teacher would definitely bring a creative energy to the team! Pick ME! no really, what a great idea to get teachers and students into the planning process. Well done, as usual, Discovery!

  30. Bobbi said:

    Yes I would love to be part of this venture. Can’t wait to sign up. It sounds great!

  31. Judith Valle said:

    WOW! I have traveled to 75 countries but not to South Africa and would love to go. I have plenty of experience traveling and making videos. I work at a low income school and my 5th grade students would love to go with their teacher.

  32. CIndy Richmond said:

    AWESOME! I have been taking students on trips for a few years and found it to be a very rewarding experience. The world becomes the classroom. This is will be an incredible experience – please tell me more! thank you for all do for students and teachers!!!

  33. Cindy Richmond said:

    AWESOME! I have been taking students on trips for a few years and found it to be a very rewarding experience. The world becomes the classroom. This is will be an incredible experience – please tell me more! thank you for all do for students and teachers!!!

  34. Chris Clementi said:

    This sounds like an incredible opportunity. I would be excited and highly motivated to do an incredible job with traveling and chaperoning students. I have traveled extensively in the past and miss the thrill of being in interesting places around the world. What a remarkable opportunity to be a part of Discovery Education.

  35. Linda said:

    Cool, I am going to be teaching 5th grade next year and would love to be a part of this!!! We are a low economic school and my kids often don’t even get to go places within a 100 miles of school, let alone across the world.

  36. Randy Kolset said:

    This would be phenomenal experience for the students and teachers. I would love to go. Keep me informed. This gives everyone hope and a broader horizon.

  37. Linda Foote said:

    I have students I mentor that would benefit so much from this opportunity…or I could team up with a teacher or… haa haa

    Seriously, this is a great opportunity and you’re to be commended for the vision you all have to improve education for all!

  38. Patti Grammens said:

    Wow! Talk about inquiry learning – this is a great way to pilot a program and such a unique opportunity for teachers to be on the cutting edge of a new program.
    As always – Hats off to DEN!

  39. Kati Searcy said:

    Wowie Zowie – I went bananas at my computer when I read this announcement! Can’t wait to find our more details. Discovery Rocks !!!

  40. Tracy Selock said:

    Sign me and my kids up! My passport is ready! My students don’t ever get to leave town, this would be the opportunity of a life time. DEN you never fail to WOW me. Thanks for all that you do.

  41. Gwynn Moore said:

    What a fantastic idea! Just when the economy is limiting educational opportunities, you guys come up winners again. I would love to take part.

  42. Diane Wildfong said:

    I teach fifth grade and love to be a life long learner and instill the same into my students! From a small town in Northern Lower Michigan comes great minds!

  43. Janet Martin said:

    this is a chance of a lifetime. I can’t imagine a more life changing experience for my students. I’m ready, willing and able!

  44. Julie Mildrew said:

    YES! YES! YES!
    What an incredible opportunity. Discovery you are the best! DEN…you continue to amaze me with new teaching experiences.

  45. Lisa Linn said:

    OMG! I’d give my right shift key to be on one of these. I took students to Italy several years ago with one of those other companies, it was good, but doing it with Discovery? That would be phenomenal!

  46. Wendy Norton said:

    Wow, the DEN never ceases to amaze me with the opportunities it offers to teachers. This sounds wonderful, I cannot wait to see the details. I feel lucky to be apart of such a network.

  47. Emma Haygood said:

    What a once in a lifetime opportunity for the lucky teachers and students. I told some teachers in the lounge about it and now they all want to be STARS!!!!

  48. Marie Belt said:

    Wow!!!!!! This is a wonderful opportunity! Can’t wait to find out more! Thank you for always keeping educators and students as your focus…

  49. Samanatha said:

    I can’t wait to find out more information. What a great oppertunity. I have already encouraged 20 of my teachers at my school to become star educators. I held a meeting to sign them up and now we are all cant stop using Discovery – WE LOVE IT

  50. Linda Epps said:

    Another visionary idea from Discovery. Thanks for always thinking outside the box to benifit student and teachers.

  51. David Fisher said:

    This is awesome! What a great opportunity for teachers and students. I can’t wait to see the rest of the information.

  52. Connie Lupold said:

    What an unbelievable opportunity…and once again from DEN! I am fortunate to belong to an organization who empowers teachers and inspires students!

  53. Ava Prater said:

    This program sounds amazing. However, I am a 4th grade teacher. Many of my students are 10 years old, so they qualify, but I am wondering if I am disqualified because I teach 4th grade. Thank you for any information.

    Best Regards,
    Ava Prater
    Austin Independent School District
    Austin, Texas
    Maplewood Elementary 4th grade

  54. Margie Rogers said:

    What an amazing experience for all! Knowing the Discovery folks, it will be an incredible trip–I’m already thinking about which students I could invite along, and what we might be able to do as a group! I’m getting inspired! Now, what do we do to sign up?!

  55. Peggy Perkins said:

    Fabulous!! What a chance for some lucky students to be able to explore parts of the world in person instead of through television and “streaming”.

  56. Marg said:

    This is great. I find students learn much from bumping up to other cultures, ecosystems, and people. I imagine as a Canadian educator this will not be open to me, but think it is a good initiative.


  57. David Tull said:

    Man, this would be incredible, I can’t wait to sign up! I already know what 4 students I would take, too! Of course, limiting it to four, might just be difficult! But what a fantastic opportunity to truly learn.

  58. kaye Sheets said:

    Too good to be true.. Is this part of a bailout? Count me applying as soon as it is released.

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