What's Up With The DEN?

If you’ve been watching the announcements from the Discovery Education team about what is in store for 2009, you’ve been blown away by their commitment to making the DEN stronger than ever, with more resources, more educators, and more activities that will enhance student success in all of our classrooms. Continuing long-standing programs (national institute), changing existing programs (rolling educator resources into DE Media Share), introducing new programs (DEN Guru, LC Symposium and retreats), and making the products available to us even stronger than before (have you looked at DE Science lately?), the DE team has really set the standard for establishing a strong, useful community of educators all over the world.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Discovery Education announced on the National Blog that they are beginning a new program called Discovery Student Adventures. Discovery has a long history of focusing on educators, now they will begin a new life with students at the forefront. This program will officially launch in 2010, but here’s the really exciting news – Discovery will be sending 9 lucky STARs and 36 students on a trip in 2009 as a pilot for the program and it will be free!  Be sure to watch the National Blog for more details as they are made available.

Thank you, Discovery, for being an innovator in community building among educators!


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