Spinning a Digital Story with Web 2.0 and Steve Dembo

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50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story

Web 2.0 tools, usually free, but can disappear from the digital landscape.

  1. Biographies with Blabberize:could use a triangle to describe its formulas; original song in music class; world language instruction; ;has an experimental SuperBlabber with scenes view. Check out the Plagiarism Yoda.
  2. ToonDoo: a comic creator that could be used to create graphic novels; use your own media inside the tools ToonDoo.
  3. PollEverywhere: a one-question poll for your mobile phone.
  4. Go Animate:
  5. OurStory: creates a story in a timeline or Xtimeline (xtimeline has embeddable code)
  6. Capzles: captures multimedia within a story; see George Carlin. Could be a great resource for lab reports.
  7. VoiceThread: collaborative commenting.
  8. Jumpcut: originally for iMovie, web-based; you cannot upload your own media into it anymore
  9. JayCut: in beta version; has 2 video tracks; cannot do voice overs yet; can upload your own media (audio and video); has 250 MB per movie but unlimited movies.
  10. MyPlick: designed to line up a PowerPoint presentation; simplier than SlideShare; both have embeddable code.
  11. xtranormal: sets your movie in a world; feels like a form of Second Life.
  12. MyPresi: more features than PowerPoint; funky and new; can embed video; cognitive dissonance.
  13. Twitter
  14. Pixton
  15. Camtasia
  16. BlueHost
  17. SnagIt: lets you take screen shots, capture audio/video and creates a .avi file.

To bypass email issues:

  • mailcatch.com: a 24-hour mail holder for account verification
  • or use gmail and +name (everything will go to one account)

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