It's a Wrap – The Crowd Goes Wild: The Basics of Gestures

Here are some pictures of the gestures workshop.  I’m afraid it doesn’t do it justice.  Wish I had a videographer on hand to film the going-ons. 


Hmmmmm, wonder what’s happening here?

Since I wasn’t there, perhaps someone can fill me in (just leave a comment below) as to what the heck JessieMarie is doing?! ROFL


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  1. Fred Delventhal said:

    First I would like to thank everyone who came on Wednesday. The crowd showed up and DID go wild.

    If you received the folder of DEN Sounds that didn’t have the correct permissions, come by the DEN HQ next week. I will leave the DEN Sounds giver out so you can get a set with the correct permissions.

    Reminder that if you missed this workshop on Wed. I will be repeating it on Sunday, Feb. 15 at 3PM SLT (5PM CST, 6PM Eastern)

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