DE Streaming and a 4th Grader

Our school is using Discovery Streaming for the first time this year.  I’ve had a little experience with it in the past, but for the most part, most of my teachers have not.  The fourth graders are currently studying animals and their final project, after researching their information, will be creating a PowerPoint.  One of our students is a go-getter.  After the project was introduced, she came back the next day with a little video project she put together at home.  I thought it might be a good idea to take the skills this student has, and push forward a little more.  I asked her if she was willing to try something new, take on the challenge, and then if successful, teach others.  I knew the question to the answer before I even asked it.

The next day, I downloaded zebra videos from Discovery Streaming for her, with the idea that she could write a script and then record a voiceover.  I tossed out the idea and she was all for it.  I told her to write the script that night from her research and she came back the next day ready to go.  She was pretty familiar with MovieMaker so I didn’t need to spend much time showing her the software.  Quickly, she picked up on how to record her voice, mute the existing sound, and match up the new audio with the movie.  The final project isn’t quite ready yet, but this student is on her way to a pretty decent project.  I certainly hope she can transfer some of this new learning to others and become the teacher.


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  1. Patricia Hawkenson said:

    Great job, Chad! Discovery Streaming is a perfect source for videos. As an English teacher, my big focus this year is on giving proper citations. Did your students look for the ‘edit’ icon that shows the authors gave permission for reuse in a different format? Also, the last slides of the Movie Maker project should be the credits, so be sure she lists Discovery Streaming as her source. Keep up the great work showing how Discovery Streaming can be used in the classroom! You are lucky to have talented students, but kudos to you for giving her the inspiration!

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