It's a Wrap – Leaving Intentional Footprints for Today and Tomorrow

Feb 18_005

In my entire time with the DEN in SL, I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER been as entertained as I was by Kevinski Braveheart (Kevin Honeycutt – RL).  Even though the workshop wasn’t scheduled to begin until 5 p.m. SLT, Kevinski was set up and ready to go by 4:30 p.m.  Before I knew what was happening, this beautiful music was coming through my headphones.  YES!!!  Kevinski was serenading the crowd!  My favorite was ‘Stairway to Heaven’, closely followed by Bob Seger (which upon my resounding ‘YEEHAW’ I was informed was NOT country! LOL).  And then he breaks into an original number!  How COOL is that!  I have now asked Lor that ALL future presenters must be able to play an instrument and sing.  Oh…wait!…that would mean that I would NEVER present! LOL For those of you who attended the workshop I truly apologize for the post, but then again, for those of you who attended the workshop, you KNOW how difficult a task it is to try to translate Kevin’s persona into a written form. ‘Leaving Intentional Footprints for Today and Tomorrow’ was the title of the workshop and Kevin is a master storyteller and interwove stories throughout, for as he put it, ‘stories stick’.  Instead of allowing our students to navigate the web and leave crumbs behind, we should be guiding our students to make certain that we are helping them to ‘build’ their future resumes.  Everything that our students (and for that matter, we) do online leaves a digital footprint.  Ask your kids (and ask yourselves), ‘If I were to Google you, what would I find?’  Do they know?  Do we know?  Start to use Google Alerts to follow yourself (or themselves).  Let us empower our students to watch their own digital footprints.  We need to start playing on the same digital playground that our students are playing on. Kevin had some wonderful quotes , analogies, and stories sprinkled throughout his presentation.  One (and there were many) of my favorites was how if a student says something bad online, we tend to shut down the technology, but if the same thing were to happen on a playground, would we ban recess? 

I would like to encourage you to visit his websites.  The first is ArtSnacks, the second is his website , and finally check out his cyber safety website.  And please make sure to visit his area in Second Life, located on KDS World at 117, 174, 22 (SLurl here).

If you EVER have an opportunity to hear Kevin, whether in real life or Second Life, whether for his entertainment (musical) or his powerful, transformative messages, DO IT!!!   Oh…and not only did the entertainment open the workshop, it also ended the workshop.  As Kevinski broke out into a rendition of ‘Against the Wind’, the crowd got up and started dancing right there in the amphitheater!  2-18footprints_020


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