Join Us in the Real World on Monday, February 23rd

I know, I know, this blog features the ins and outs and doings in Second Life, BUT! on occasion we do highlight real life events.  This post is one such post.  The following was posted by Steve Dembo:

Time to gear up for week 3 of the DEN Book Club!!  This week you should be reading only one chapter, Chapter 5, but it’s the chapter focusing specifically on Education so we’ll be devoting an entire discussion to it.

If you haven’t been keeping up, or even if you haven’t bought the book yet, this will be a great time to jump in.  Skip straight over to Chapter 5 and start there.  Then join us on Monday, Feb 23rd at 7 pm EST for the discussion!

To join the webinar at the time of hte meeting, visit:

If you are unable to join the webinar, but would like to jump onto the teleconference:
Dial 866-469-3239  and enter meeting number: 552 743 015

In THEORY, you should actually be able to attend this on your iPhone!  If you are so bold and want to try, download the Webex app from the app store (free) and use this URL: wbx://
Be sure to let me know how it works!

I hope that you’ll consider joining us!  I’ve attended the last two sessions and the discussions were amazing.  And pssssssssssssst:  Next week, the Book Group will have the author, Don Tapscott, join us.


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