DEN Best Buy Event Very Exciting!

Saturday, seventeen teachers, librarians, and principals gathered at a Best Buy store in the very early hours of the morning (yes, 8:30 is early on a Saturday) to see, touch, and play with digital cameras and camcorders.  It was awesome to be in the store before it opened.

We spent a little over an hour learning about things to look for in a digital camera for use at school.  Our educators learned about stabilizing focus, pixels, zoom, the rule of thirds, and more.

After our time at Best Buy, everyone moved across the street to the Panera Break Company to learn about PhotoStory and iMovie.  Many of our attendees had never used either program.  Those that had helped us move from table to table getting the programs installed and seeing all the cool stuff they can do with photos.  Discovery provided us with gift cards to get everyone their favorite munchies and drinks.


The attendees have until midnight tonight to email one picture they have taken today to our Council Chair.  They were tasked with using the knowledge they gained yesterday.  When we have all their submissions, we will post them to this blog and allow YOU to vote on your favorite.  The winner will win a Best Buy gift card courtesy of Discovery Education.

In the meantime, you can see a little of what we did yesterday in this video.


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  1. stacy kasse said:

    What a great idea for a DEN event. Thanks for sharing.Our Best Buy in Cherry Hill would be great for that in NJ

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