Check Out PrimaryAccess

I know you all have had the experience of discovering an interesting web link that leads to another link that leads… well, before you know it you’ve spent several hours and unearthed all sorts of resources you can’t wait to use.  My latest copy of Infinite Thinking Machine arrived Friday with that kind of link.
The newsletter  included a link to an online video editor, PrimaryAccess, which provides space and tools for students to create original movies online. The site was developed by  the Center for Technology & Teacher Education in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia and is quite a excellent classroom resource. If you care to read more about the project, you’ll find background material at the Center for Technolgy & Teacher Education. The PrimaryAccess site has all the information needed to get started on a project. 
I  would have been fine with this site, except that the article in Infinite Thinking Machine also included a link to the K-12 Online Conference session where those responsible for the site discuss the tool, demonstrate its use and look at reseach data on the success of the tool when compared to other project tools student used. I won’t go into how long I spent at these sites, but it was a great Friday night! If you have any interest in  digital storytelling resouces, you’ll want to set aside some time to explore these resources.


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