Congrats to STAR Julie Schneider

STAR DE Julie Schneider, a second grade teacher at K.W. Barrett Elementary in Arlington, Virginia, and the Earthwatch Institute announced today that she has been awarded an Earthwatch Educator Fellowship to join the institute’s Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge Expedition.  As part of her fellowship, Julie will join a research team comprised of scientists and volunteers collecting data in an effort to address pressing climate change issues.  She will connect to her classroom, school and community live from the research field in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada several times in the course of her 11-day Arctic trek.

Follow Julie’s travels on her blog at


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  1. Mimi Herald said:

    Enjoy the trip Julie!
    My 6th grade environmental science classes from CT will be following with GREAT interest. Thanks for sharing this adventure with all of us.

  2. Justin Karkow said:

    SO COOL! Way to go…and have fun!! Please send us a postcard.

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