ICE, ICE, Baby!

So, our Illinois state conference is over and I slept late today and yesterday in a feeble attempt to recover. What a great learning opportunity and cooperative venture! I had lively crowds in Makin’ Movies both days (as well as in the full day workshops) and up in the Apple room for PhotoBooth Phun, but think I scared about half my attendees off in my Apple Pro Apps session when I explained the power AND the learning curve of all the programs in the suite. Maybe I should just stick to Final Cut in the future.

So good to see folks and get to visit on top of all the great sharing. In particular, two of my friends pointed me to their students’ most recent work.
Video and media teacher Jeff Doles from Barrington H.S., who oversees the Great Minds Foundation contests, has a student who did a 20 minute documentary on GiGi’s Playhouse, which describes itself as a Down syndrome awareness center and has four locations around the Chicago area and one in Iowa.
Arlington Heights art teacher Trish Fuglestad’s class did “Let’s be Green” to encourage students to be more eco friendly. Jon Orech even showed it in his digital storytelling presentation. And as for the picture in picture special effect that brings the things around the room to life, Trish explains she used iMovie’s color controls to put a single color wash on each face (i.e. the recycle bin student is bluish, the sink girl is kind of silver, etc.) and then used a free plug-in from one of the Stupendous Software bundles to place them into another clip.

In just a couple of weeks we’ll start in on planning next year’s conference:
2010 – a Learning Odyssey


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