Mark Your Calendars – March Events

Can you believe it?  It’s already March!  Not only will we be switching to Daylights Savings (March 8th – so mark that on your calendar), but the DEN in SL has a great line-up for you.

DATE:  March 4, 2009

WORKSHOP: Newbie Workshop – Finding Educational Events

PRESENTER: Beth Kohnke

DESCRIPTION:  This is an informal session for those new to Second Life.  We will discuss how to find educational events and create landmarks to these events.  There we also be a time to ask questions you might have about Second Life.


DATE:  March 11, 2009

WORKSHOP:  Introducing the New VSTE Island

PRESENTER: Alfredo Bedrodian (SL) Al Doss (RL); Jazmemo Zimminy (SL), Lisa Alconcel (RL); Mandie Mimulus (SL)  Marie Booz (RL); Thunder Insippo (SL) Kim Harrison (RL)

DESCRIPTION: Four Virgnia Beach teachers will share the new Virginia Society for Technology in Education’s Island in Second Life. Come and see their recreation of Jamestown fort, Powhatan Village and the three ships that first sailed to Virginia.


DATE:  March 18, 2009

WORKSHOP:  Virtual Instruction: The Real Deal?

PRESENTER: Celestia Cazalet

DESCRIPTION: Celestia will reflect on her experiences as a first-year virtual instructor. Comparisons between face-to-face classroom interactions and virtual classroom interactions will be explored. Much of this session will be facilitated dialog. Anyone who is interested in virtual schooling or has experience with virtual schooling is encouraged to be an active part of this timely discussion.


DATE:  March 25, 2009

WORKSHOP:  Shhhhh…..It’s Still ‘Under Wraps’

PRESENTER:  Apophene Singh ( Hall Davidson RL )

DESCRIPTION:  You know it’s going to be fun, informative, and a great experience whatever he decides to share )

TIMES FOR ALL WORKSHOPS ARE:  5 p.m. SLT ( 7 p.m. CST, 8 p.m. EST)


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