Social Networking

I wanted to share a wonderful resource with all of you.

Many times we find great tools that we just need to share. One such tool that I have been using for several years is a Social Networking tool called delicious.I know odd name …especially odd when you say “I should give you my delicious” (always remind me of Harry Potter….my precious) What does delicious allow you to do?  

  • It will allow you to surf the internet and save the URL of sites that you want to explore later.
  • You can tag the items that you bookmark with notes ( about the subject matter)
  • You can share your favorite sites with co workers, family or friends.
  • You will find a great search engine of items that others have found ( usually teachers like yourself)

I think you will find the advantages of using delicious much better than saving to favorites on you PC because you can get access to this anytime anywhere.

If you find something at home you can get access at school ….and if at school you can get it at home, or on the road.

Now to get started…go to

And fill out the set up for your subscription

 You will need a user name and password.

After that is done you are all set to start surfing……….

And feel free and to start sharing your delicious with others. 


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