NetGen Webinar Links

Here are the PowerPoint and the links from today’s webinar AND I just realized there are a number of entries already posted on the NetGen site.

The American Film Institute’s ScreenNation. Student viewing and sharing site.

Marco Torres’ students at SFETT. Great work from an L.A. high school.

Frank Guttler’s Google Teacher Academy application video shot with the built-in web camera in his MacBook’s lid. And his blog, “Lights, Camera, Learn!”

“Talent Show” a young martial artist can’t break the board. Low angle show initially portrays him as powerful. High angle then makes him look weak.
“A Message of Well Being” young man looks like a clown to an attractive young lady because he smokes, drinks, and eats junk food. Great shot composition and next to no dialogue.

gmkarate.png   gmclown.png

And the PowerPoint file:



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