World Math Day

I’m not sure if your students participated in World Math Day or not, but I wanted to share a little about our participation in this cool event.  For those unaware of World Math Day, it’s a 48 hour event where students can participate in 60 second math fact contests with 3 other students.  Classes or school had to register ahead of time and once registered, were all set to go.  When students took a quiz, the site grouped them with three other students who were also participating.  In most cases, the other students were from other countries around the world.  Once their minute long quiz was over, they saw their results and then could play again against new opponents.  Our students had a blast answering the questions, but also thought it was pretty cool to see what countries their opponents came from.  This was a quick, fun activity that was super easy to set up and complete and I’m certain we will participate next year.

 Below is a map of the countries our students played against.  This map is certainly going to be shared with the students!

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  1. Mike Bryant said:

    Wow Chad that’s pretty cool. I wish there was a way to see approx. locations of those you connect with on the xbox 360. I find it amazing that within a few minutes I’m playing against people from all over.

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