Adding Video to SMART Notebook Files

Thanks to the Riptide Furse who sent me this exciting post from the Illinois DEN Blog. This is going to make life a lot easier.

Ok, I love my SMART board.  I love my Discovery Education Streaming Videos.  Putting them together makes for a powerful lesson. But, in order to embed streaming videos directly into Notebook files they need to be converted into Flash video.  (We all know that coversion tools can be time consuming and sometimes difficult.)  But thanks to a post on the SMART Exchange it is as easy as click and drag.

Start by downloading the free Riva Encoder .  Then the next time you’d like to embed a Streaming video into your Notebook lesson, simply drag it in.  The Encoder does the rest!

Thanks to Kellie English from Kankakee School District 111 for sharing this awesome discovery!



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