Cool Tool: Batch Geocode

earthquakes1.gifSo sorry it’s been so long since I posted an article here – it seems as though this semester is flying by and I’m sure that all of you are feeling the same way! I have been using a cool tool for awhile that I realized might be of interest to others, so I thought I’d share. This one is called Batch Geocode. The website doesn’t have the prettiest layout, but it is extremely functional and I can think of several uses for it in a classroom.

What this website does is convert a spreadsheet with location data into a visual representation of the places in the spreadsheet. I’ve used this several ways, but here are some ideas:

Have students map:

  • the location of earthquakes over the last 3 months
  • the locations they’ve traveled in their lifetime
  • the journeys of famous people
  • the locations of classrooms from around the world that they have connected with

As a connected teacher, map:

  • locations of the individuals in your PLN
  • hometowns of the people who attend a workshop you are presenting at a national conference, such as NECC

The graphic is cool – you can either have it look like a satellite photo, a map, or a hybrid of the two. The one in this post is a hybrid. After you’ve created the graphic, each point will have the additional information that was included in the spreadsheet. You can save the map to a webpage (see mine by clicking HERE) or you can download it as a Google Earth KML file.

Try it out and post a comment – how do you like it? what uses can you think of for your classroom? Do you know of other, similar websites? Share!


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