Pi: Film on the Fly

If you haven’t participated in the KOCE-TV, PBS  “Film on The Fly” challenge, you absolutely should.  My son and I had a blast.  Not sure the video hit the mark, as for showing circumference, ran longer than the 120 second limit and I didn’t use a cell phone (don’t have one that shoots video).  However, the day proved educational for my son and I.  He learned that doing a movie with dad equals pizza and Ferris Wheel rides.  I learned that trying to shoot at 8 different locations in Chicago in the 3 hours before dark can prove a challenge in itself.

We both walk away having spent quality time together, learning and with 3.14 temporary tattoos (wife not happy).

Check out all the entries here:  www.filmonthefly.ning.com

You can find the winners here at the Film on the Fly blog: http://www.koce.org/filmonthefly/

Watch my film below, though you need to be able to access youtube. 🙂


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