CUE-A "STAR" Studded Affair!

Hello all!

Since our pal Dave Kootman has gone over to the “dark-side!” (LOL) I’ve volunteered to take on the roll of Nor CA blogger for the DEN. I’m really excited…so here it goes.

I spent the first weekend in March attending the CUE  conference (Computer Using Educators) in Palm Springs! This was by far the BEST CUE of all. You see, this CUE was all about networking F2F with my DEN PLN… it was truly a  STAR-Studded  affair!

Below is a list of the resources that were shared during the Walk with the STARS session:

Genny Kahlweiss– Genny is CA DEN’s leader and had great resources to share!

Dave Kootman’s site- Native Consulting  contains too many cool resources to list here! Select Handouts & Downloads tab. Scroll to Cool Ten (Latest) Websites. Check out the Woices website….really cool!


Dennis Grice– It was such a treat finally meeting Denise F2F. He’s one of the creators of the Dating Game Rock Video!  



 Martha Snyder- a Nor Cal DEN LC member shared her use of NING to create staff networking sites.


Suzzane Wesp the creator of the famous Homophone video found exclusively on DE Streaming has now created a multiplication video called You can Multiply by 12Look for it in DE Streaming!


Alice Mercer– Shared VoiceThread. Alice’s student’s create math tutoring videos and use VT so other students can leave comments or questions. Check out ed.Voicethread too.

Jannita Demian’s – Jannita shared a plethora of sites that you will want to check out.

Christy G. Keeler, Ph.DVisit a Virtual Museum and learn how to build a PowerPoint in perspective! Scroll to the bottom of Christy’s blog to find the templates to begin creating your own .ppt in perspective. This is a must visit site!


Ray Waller- Ray created quite a stir when he showed off his xtranormal movie creation featuring Matt and Jannita! Xtranormal allows users to create 3D movies in minutes that can be uploaded to YouTube.


Matt MonjanDiscovey’s Media Share – allows district users to upload, categorize and share videos. MS not only allows for searching media by state standard it even allows for embedding videos outside of streaming! Wait there’s more! MS can bulk upload your PowerPoint’s and will be ready for live viewing in less than fifteen minutes.

 Phew! So many great resources to check out and so little time!







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  1. Dave Kootman said:

    What a great list! Thanks Brett. I think the Rock Dating Game is some kind of cult hit!
    My apologies to Alice, as Voicethread is indeed a terrific tool. Thanks Alice 😉

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