Do You YouTube?

One of the questions I get asked most often by teachers at my school is this, “How can I show a video from YouTube in my classroom?”  I’ve always sent them the way of Zamzar to download videos to a flash drive and show at school from there.  It works great, but it is limiting.  The broader question for me has always been, “How do I get kids to great content on YouTube and cut out all the junk?”

Drum roll please.

FliggoI am now using a fantastic site called Fliggo.  Fliggo sets up a video streaming site with a layout similar to YouTube.  You can upload your own videos or post a video from YouTube. (Currently, YouTube is the only video hosting site Fliggo uses).

Unlike using an embed code where the video is pulled into the school through the YouTube site, Fliggo actually hosts the video on their site.  Once you get your personal Fliggo site approved at school, all the videos play!

I pulled in a couple of videos I made, a few from the Palm Breeze Cafe series, and was ready to try it out.

I sent out a short email announcement about my site to the teachers at my school today.  I am already getting URL requests to load YouTube videos on the site for other teachers.

You can check out my Fliggo site here.


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