It's a Wrap! Virtually Real? Reflections of an Online Teacher


We had a great group of educators present for the Wednesday Workshop March 18 entitled “Virtually Real? Reflections of an Online Teacher”. Celestia Cazalet talked about the things she has learned during her first year of being an online educator. She also gave information about how to find opportunities to become online teachers (there is a list by state of all virtual schools in the country HERE).

If you would like to view the presentation, and the notes she has added, you may download it below:

Virtually Real presentation


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  1. Cynthia Alvarado said:

    Thanks for presenting a very interesting and interactive training. It was particularly helpful to me because I had to choose from many good workshop options the next day at the MACUL conference (the Michigan ISTE affiliate)and I felt like I could check teaching online off of my list of topics for this round because I already had many new ideas about it swimming around in my head from the night before.

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