2009 DEN National Institute: Apply Now!

After a lot of ideas, much feedback and a bunch of votes from the community, we are ready to announce this year’s location for the DEN National Institute.  The voting was very close and pretty evenly distributed across locations – so close in fact that the DEN team put our heads together to select this year’s very special hybrid location. 

A lot of STARs wanted the location on the east coast (especially in D.C.).  Since we will be hosting our Leadership Council Symposium in Silver Spring, MD prior to NECC and we have a pre-conference extravaganza planned on June 27 for all STARs at Discovery Headquarters we decided that we’d head further west.  How far west, you ask?

Well, many of you liked the idea of water.  And many of you liked the idea of CA.  So…[insert drum roll here]

The DEN National Institute for 2009 will take place from July 13-17 at the Headlands Institute just north of San Francisco in the beautiful Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your colleagues from all over the country and discuss the best ways to use media in your classroom AND you’ll get to do that in beach side sessions surrounded by 180,000 acres of parkland. 

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