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March 23_005

This is a first.  I’m speechless and I don’t know where to begin. 

Should I start with the fact that half the amphitheater was missing?  Nah.  We told everyone we were going for the ‘Open Air’ look since Spring had sprung on Friday.

Should I start with the fact that the presenter kept crashing for the first 20 minutes?  Nah.  By the time he conquered the hotel internet and landed safely inworld he ‘ROCKED’!

Should I start with the fact that I had to entertain the audience while we waited?  Nah.  First, they heard the beginning of Ken Robinson’s, ‘The Element’, and then they were entertained by XM Radio.

Should I start with the fact that the presentation device wouldn’t recognize Alphonse and therefore he had no control over the presentation?  Nah.  JM played ‘Vanna White’ and forwarded the slides every time Alphonse ‘beeped’.  (You had to be there! LOL)  And JM, you did an excellent job considering everything that was going on.

And now for the ‘speechless’ part.  Alphonse (Hall Davidson in real life) did an AMAZING job considering the ‘technical difficulties’ (granted he was wearing his SUPER-POWER white cloak, so that might explain part of it).  Not only was Alphonse NOT ONE BIT PHASED by any of it, he proceeded like the professional he is and managed to finish ahead of schedule! 

Since I writing this post the moment I logged out of SL you’ll have to check the ‘Comments’ section below for a link to Hall’s presentation and information about how to do that cool ‘Jing video thing embedded into Google Earth’. 

And to all who attended the workshop, thank you sooooooooooooooo much for being such a gracious and understanding audience.

March 23_009


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  1. Nancy Sharoff said:

    Please note a correction to the information shared:

    “Regarding an upgrade to iMovie ’08 on the Mac side that enabled the green screen tool available on iMovie ’09. The information appears to be wrong. Mac users must either upgrade to iLife ’09 ($79) or buy a product like Frames and export to Quicktime then into iMovie if they want green screen. They can use the chromakey background feature in iChat or Photobooth, but that is more limited.”

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