Join the DEN and Welcome BACK the Grunions!



by kalavinka

Join Discovery Educator Network members their families on Saturday April 25th for the 2009 Grunion Run!

This event will include a bonfire, private Grunion movie presentation at the Cabrillo Aquarium followed by time to explore the aquarium’s exhibits before heading back to the beach to watch the Grunions make their annual run to the beach!

See flyer for all the details Grunion Run Event flyer

To attend you MUST RSVP here


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  1. Katie Warren said:

    Hi, Diana,

    Great posts, NorCal girl! The grunion run is going to be awesome, too.

    I clicked the link for the flyer but WordPress says I don’t have “sufficient permission” to access the page. I am logged in so I’m not sure what further permission I need … LOL.

  2. Kim Randall said:

    Hi Katie and Diana!

    Diana- Look at you go! NorCal is representing! Yay!

    Katie- Maybe wordpress is acting like webex today…lol…

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