Save the Date! April 1st

Though we ain’t foolin’ — Riptide Furse will be presenting, ‘Newbie 201 Shopping in Second Life’.  We’ll briefly cover the ins and outs of shopping in Second Life.  What’s the difference between shape and skin? Know that a fat pack is something to find not lose. How to open the boxes or shopping bags and get the goods rather than wearing the box they came in. Get  ready for a quick tour of places offering free to expensive clothes, skin, shapes and hair.

(Laelia’s Note:  Riptide has one of the largest inventories that I’m aware of in Second Life and surpasses even me in shopping! LOL  This is one workshop you won’t want to miss!)

TIME:  5 p.m. SLT ( 7 p.m. CST, 8 p.m. EST)


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