"A 'strike' off the bumper is still a strike" Judy's words of wisdom

bowling1.jpgOur bowling night was loads of fun. Many of us had met in previous conferences or trainings, but had never just “socialized” and let loose. A few in our crowd looked as if they had actually bowled before, but some of us were more familiar with the gutters (just as a bowling term). The pizza prompted dreams of future events, including the Scottsdale Culinary Festival – watch for some delicious digital storytelling as “reporting” and another meet and greet as a “Starbucks with the Stars”.

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  1. Emily Mann said:

    This event is the kind of thing that gets me really really excited about being a STAR. We never get the chance to really talk and enjoy conversations about our passions and innovations in teaching without a time limit and without any guilty conscience if we divert in to non-sequiturs.
    Thanks for the fun and I look forward to more.
    Geocaching day in Tucson coming soon, probably second Sat in May!

  2. Alexa Flores-Hull said:

    You spoke straight to my heart when you mentioned coffee!

  3. Vicki said:

    Good to hear from both of you. Thanks for the geocaching news, Emily; and Alexa, my husband makes the coffee very early and it is the aroma that wakens me, and the first finished cup that opens (and focuses) my eyes!

    Can you help me spread the word about the DEN Virtual Conference https://blog.discoveryeducation.com/denvirtcon/ You can register for an at home session in your PJs or join us for f2f sharing in Snowflake.

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