Last Chance!


No, not for your taxes – there are still over two weeks for that. Last chance to contribute a video to the Net Gen Education Challenge. “A crisis is emerging in our schools and universities. The Internet is a new medium for human communications, knowledge sharing and learning and a new generation of youth who have “grown up digital” learning best through collaboration and discovery. But our schools and universities teach students using approaches dating back centuries. Foremost is the lecture- the teacher focused, one way, one size fits all model where the student is isolated in the learning process. How can we change the learning experience, to create a student focused, multi-way, customized approach where the learners collaborate, are excited about learning, and learn how to think, solve problems and learn lifelong? How can we reinvent education for relevance and effectiveness for the 21st century?”

digitalstudents.jpgGot thoughts? Submit a video by 11:59pm on March 31st. I think some alumni from SFETT had an answer for this a few years ago with their “Digital Students @ Analog Schools.”


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