A Word is Worth…

brainyflixlogo.gif…a thousand pictures in the form of a good video illustrating what it means. Though I’m sorry if you might find yourself in a rather impecunious state or feel that your students are obstreperous and loquacious having just come back from spring break with only the end of the school year on their minds, I can’t do much for you except help define those words. Actually, the students who participated in the BrainyFlix challenge to bring any of the words on this ACT/SAT vocabulary list to life on screen did the defining. And you can add your seal of approval by voting for the video definitions that you feel evince the meaning of a word. Do not be swayed by those with a preponderance of votes. Many with but a paucity of support are also worth your consideration. Voting is open through April 14th. Just click on the little yellow box after watching a video to add your vote. How about trying this with some of the vocabulary for your class? What a fun way for students to dig a little deeper to plant a definition or concept!

picture-2.jpg Coming up – the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge entry window closes on May 20th and the International Student Media Festival opens for entries on May 1st.



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