DEN Spring Training 2009

DEN Spring Training

DEN Spring Training is here!  We’ve had a lot of new recruits in the past year and we expect big things from the community this spring.  Last year the stat we focused on the most was ESA (Earned STAR Average).  This year we are looking for STARs who put up solid numbers in the RS category.  Runs scored?  Nope.  Resources Shared.

We’re looking for STARs who will take the time to share their presentations, projects, videos, lesson plans, etc. by uploading them to the Educator Resources section of the DEN website.  Any STAR who uploads at least TWO resources between April 6 and May 22 will receive a limited edition DEN Spring Training 2009 t-shirt featuring the design above.

So, what are you waiting for?  Upload those resources because “If you share it, they will learn!”

Note: At the end of spring training (May 22) we will send an email to all STARs who uploaded at least two resources asking for your address and t-shirt size.  Shirts will ship in early June.

 How to upload a resource the DEN website:


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  1. Luann Smith said:

    I have some things I would like to share but I am not exactly sure where to upload them. Can you clarify this for me?


  2. Beth Weeks said:

    Oh! I got this!!!! Watch for some cool new uploads I’ve been using in my lab this year!!!
    Thanks Discovery!!!!

  3. Betsy said:

    Is there a place we list what items we uploaded?

  4. Beth Weeks said:

    Ok.. I’ve got things to upload.. but can’t get it to work today… under sharing options.. it is blank.. nothing to click… what to do?

  5. Lance Rougeux said:

    We are looking into the issue right now. If anyone else experiences this please post a comment here. Sorry about this!

  6. Pam Shoemaker said:

    Lance, I am also having trouble uploading a resource. There is a required sharing field in step 1 with no drop-down or area to input text. I agree with Beth; this is probably the issue.

  7. Betsy said:

    I uploaded 3 items that still have a status of pending. Does this indicate a problem or just haven’t gotten to them yet?

  8. Emma Haygood said:

    I want to upload my web 2.0 for teachers glog. The site is asking to upload a file. Is there anyway I can upload a website?

  9. Lance Rougeux said:

    @Emma: Under Required Information you will see Add Additional Info. You can paste the url in there and then click Done. No need to upload a file. However, if you want to share more than one url as part of the same resoure the easiest way is to put them in a word doc and upload that. For one url use the first method.

  10. Melanie Corn said:

    Uploaded a couple of files this evening. I’ll post some more later this week. This is a great way to share things we all have worked on. You have made it so easy too!! I am excited to see what everyone else has to share also.

  11. Marie Belt said:

    I have been able to successfully upload! Yea!!!!

    Are you wanting us to upload the two resources only, or as many as we can? Is there a contest involved in this somewhere? I seem to remember that California won this event last year…at least I think we did!

  12. Gretchen said:

    If we are sharing a lesson plan, what format would you like? Is there a Discovery format for all districts have their own?

  13. Mary S said:

    For some reason, I do not have the UPLOAD button showing in the upper right-hand corner as shown in the demo. Any ideas why?

  14. norma said:

    I have tried & tried and now feel stupid. I can’t open the “how to” video and don’t see any “upload” button. I have saved many resources under MY FAVORITES, but can’t seem to participate in this fun contest.

  15. Karla said:

    Lance, I’ve built quizzes in Quiz Builder to share with the district but could not get the option of sharing. Eventually found a work around by providing teachers and their students with the student code. Of course this left me diseminating the results. Whew! May this work be counted toward Spring Training?

  16. Maria Clifford said:

    I am having trouble uploading videos prior to use. When I play them without doing this they “stall” while buffering. Anyone out there know how to resolve this?

  17. Brenda said:

    I have not been able to upload any documents yet. I get an error message stating “Please provide all required fields. Missing fields: media_groups.” However, I do not see this field. Any suggestions?

  18. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I am getting the same error message as Brenda when trying to upload files. any ideas???

  19. Brenda said:

    I am still unable to upload any documents or lessons. I just tried again 30 minutes ago. I beleive the DE people are working on it, but no luck in my case yet.

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