YSC Countdown

ysclogo.gifThere are just about six weeks left to get your 5th to 8th grade students’ video entries in to qualify for this year’s Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge. Even though the contest states that “Videos do NOT need to be ‘produced’ or have high production value,” Hall Davidson and I have posted a number of resources and tips to help you communicate your understanding of one of the chosen topics.  If you would like a little inspiration, the last two years’ finalists’ Science Channel specials are available on streaming. Just search on “young scientist challenge” to find the 2008 students working with the Myth Busters and the ’09 finalists competing at NASA’s Goddard lab.
yscmyth.jpgThere are plenty of prizes, a trip to New York with a guardian, and prestige to be had in this challenge, but this is also a good opportunity for students to get interested and excited about science and its many applications in every day life.


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