Missed FETC? FETC Online to the Rescue!

One of the best things about DEN is the network, and Jennifer Dorman is like Christmas; she’s the gift that keeps giving.  Under her tutelage, I’m getting comfortable with anchoring PAs blog, and with her help, I’m learning how much she really did.  For her, it has always been intuitive; for me, it is always a learning curve, and I’m enjoying the ride.  Copied from Dorman’s Trouvailles, here’s the update on FETC Online (I may learn how to spell in French yet).

Before we Spring Into Action at the DEN Virtual Conference the DEN will also be participating in FETC’s first online conference.

What is FETC Online?

The award-winning producers of FETC and T.H.E. Journal invite you to participate in a FREE virtual conference for K-12 educators and technology staff exploring the most pressing issues related to 21st Century Skills.

Join your peers and industry experts as they investigate a range of compelling topics including:

  • Career and technical education
  • The Obama administration’s global workforce development agenda
  • Digital teaching methods and tools

Stop by the DEN virtual booth on April 23 from 11 AM to 7 PM EDT.  For more information and to register check out http://virtual.fetc.org.


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