DEN Spring Training 2009

DEN Spring Training is here! We’ve had a lot of new recruits in the past year and we expect big things from the community this spring. Last year the stat we focused on the most was ESA (Earned STAR Average). This year we are looking for STARs who put up solid numbers in the RS category. Runs scored? Nope. Resources Shared.

We’re looking for STARs who will take the time to share their presentations, projects, videos, lesson plans, etc. by uploading them to the Educator Resources section (MediaShare) of the DEN website.

New to MediaShare? Click here to download a user guide.

Any STAR who uploads at least TWO resources between April 6 and May 22 will receive a limited edition DEN Spring Training 2009 t-shirt featuring the design above. So, what are you waiting for? Upload those resources because “If you share it, they will learn!”

Note: At the end of spring training (May 22) we will send an email to all STARs who uploaded at least two resources asking for your address and t-shirt size. Shirts will ship in early June.

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