One Day, Two Great Events!

Just a quick reminder that coming up on Saturday, April 25th are two fantastic DEN events: the Spring Into Action Virtual Conference and the Grunion Run. Both events are detailed on our new Events but here’s another sneak peek. See you on the 25th!

The Virtual Conference is open to all educators and is a great way to share some of the valuable teaching tips with your colleagues. While there is an in-person event for teachers in the Orange County area, I know I’ll be attending from my living room. Last year’s presentations were excellent and this year’s lineup looks equally good.

The second event, the Grunion Run, was a DEN favorite last year and we are doing it again this year. Beach party, BBQ, private film screening, and of course, the fish that make like land animals when the moon comes out. This is a family friendly event so bring the kids – you’ll have a blast seeing one of the wildest events that goes on here in So Cal.

Also, check out the Events page to preview the upcoming KOCE Day of Discovery . . .


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