Let's Make Every Day Earth Day!

Earth Day

  • How many times can the newspaper you read today be recycled?
  • How much can one compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) save in electricity costs over its lifetime?
  • What single innovation is causing more people to recycle more products than ever?
  • Which clean alternative energy source is created by landfills?

How much energy can you save by recycling one aluminum can every day for a month?

Find answers to these questions and raise your students’ awareness of environmental issues with ready-to-use classroom materials, lesson plans, worksheets, puzzles, quizzes, and activities at ThinkGreen.
ThinkGreen is a site created by Waste Management and powered by Discovery Education.

Visit the Earth Day Network to learn how make every day an “Earth Day.

Thanks to Jen Dorman for the blog idea and johnlauresa for use of the photo.


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  1. Martha Snider said:

    Diana, great post! I’ll pass the link along to the locals. I just sent a blurb to them today about the Think Green resources. Your post will be a terrific reintroduction to the CA Den blog.

  2. pranshu agrawal said:

    i am tried to save the trees and envieornment. and i spoke to all of my friends that they don`t cut trees in the future.

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