And it just keeps getting better!

The DEN webinar series has been one of the highlights of the last few weeks.  I’ve seen&heard Tony Vincent telling us all about iPods in the classroom; witnessed the magic of  “Movers and Shakers”  like Traci telling us about her wonderful use of Google Earth with Glogster to embed activities and links into her 1st graders’ journeys around the world learning about frogs and toads; Bernajean Porter sharing her wonderful  knowledge about digital storytelling and getting to the “Soul” of your message; Matt “Geekybird” sharing his amazing site within Discovery and its perfect resources  for learning all the tricks for using and presenting on Discovery resources that reside within his “Bird House” (They Might Be Giant Fans will appreciate the allusion).
Don’t miss the upcoming opportunities to learn more about using and sharing Discovery in effective and integrated curriculum-focused ways in your classroom.
Rumor has it that Discovery will be hosting a National Geocaching Day on May 23rd.  Stay tuned for updates.
Phoenix has it going on during the Culinary Festival.  Educators are invited for food, folks, fun and digital storytelling. It is on us!  Come join us and become a star.

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