It's a Wrap! The Taxman Never Visits SL!

taxman_005.pngWednesday, April 15, is a day that means anxiety for some, but for educators in Second LifeTM, it was an opportunity to relax and enjoy good company, lots of fun, and a little trivia!

The DEN in SL hosted Taxman Cometh: But Not in Second Life. Because we are nearing the end of the school year, and we knew everyone would be looking for a “vacation” from taxes, the trivia was vacation-themed. Some questions were really hard (how much money does the average person lose in Vegas? $559) to really easy (what was the Griswold family’s ultimate destination in the original vacation movie? Wally World). Several people won a few lindens to buy new swimming attire for lounging by the pool. A great time was had by all – networking and flying into each other with the bumper boats.

For those of you who missed it, the pool and the bumper boats are still out for a few days, so head over the the DEN HQ and have some fun. Be sure to be there April 24 for the big unveiling of the new DEN!


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